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Therese Collins Acting Headshot

Therese Collins

Location: West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
Height: 5’3″ (160cm)
Weight: 9st. 8lb. (59kg)
Playing Age: 49 – 65 years
Eye Colour: Green
Hair: Grey, Mid Length

Spotlight : 5760-1200-4124        

Equity  no: M00128871                       


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"I have worked as an actress for 31 years and carry a wealth of experience"

Credits include:
The  Peddler in The Peddler’s Tail  with The Fetch Theater. Directed by Andrew Purvin.

Dr James Barry in WANTED with Gazebo. Directed by Tonia Daley-Campbell. 


Cedar in Ruby & Cedar with Fishhouse Theatre, directed by Jen Stone.

Janine Head of Maths in Burning Books with Arena theatre Wolverhampton . Directed by Neil Redding. 

Dr.Thorpe/ Nurse in Revolving Doors with Hearth. Directed by Polly Wright. 

Mrs. Worrall in Anita and Me, Uk tour with Birmingham Rep. Directed by Roxana Silbert & Dan Bailey. 

The Collector in Songbird with Trisklle Pictures. Directed by Sophie Elizabeth Black.

Cathy in Safely to Shore with Pretty Hate Productions. Directed by Matthew R Ford.

English teacher in Snagged with Catcher Media. Directed by Rick Goldsmith.

Mrs. Stone in The Enchanted Rose with NFTS. Directed by Miky King. 

Nikke in Safeguarding with Age concern channels. Directed by Gary Clark. 

Story Telling

Storytelling has always been a large part of my work. Whether it be working with children to create stories with them or using puppetry as a way of bringing to life and archiving history (as with The Fetch Theatre company).


The work with companies like Gazebo Theatre, and Artslink (for virtual schools) has to be tailor-made. I use stories and monologues to highlight a service they are offering or an issue they want to tackled (such as illegal money lending). These stories are accessible and entertaining whilst being informative.

I have created online story telling content for social media platforms, being aware of the limited attention spans of a social media audience. These can quickly be recorded and put online.  I have enjoyed performing some myself or directing via zoom.

Find information about my role as a workshop facilitator here.


Show Reel