Therese Collins Workshop facilitator

Learning through doing

As a practitioner of 30 years, I have learned how to lead inspiring and productive workshops in a variety of different settings. My workshops can be tailored to your specific needs.


The workshops have been extremely popular, and they involved a diverse cross-section of participants, from people on the autism spectrum to young male offenders.

I am particularly recognised for work with people from difficult backgrounds helping to find their voice and speak to their community.


My Aims As A Workshop Facilitator


Participants should understand and apply learning in a safe and creative environment.

To use creative techniques to explore different themes and create a learning environment.


The participants should have a clear understanding of expectations and learning outcome(s).

To enjoy their learning experience while developing their skill set and boosting their confidence.


To allow individuals who may typically struggle to be seen positively by themselves and others.

To inspire other people with disabilities or limitations through being open about my dyslexia.


To provide positive feedback and confirm participants success in learning.

Allow teachers to witness from a distance how their class functions, providing  alternative techniques for their toolbox.


My workshops cover two broad themes

Life skills

Theatre and Writing

This can include topics that are on the "Talent Match" program such as:

    Interview skills

   Conflict management

   Making good choices

  Keeping safe and expectations within friendships   Sexual and relationship health

This can include;

Creating stories

 Turning stories into dialogue

 Poetry and the spoken word

 Character work

General drama workshops

Applied drama
(particularly regarding the community setting)


Online Workshops

I offer online (Covid safe) workshops covering any of the above topics. I can also tailor these workshops to specific learning outcomes to suit your needs.

In past online workshops, I have focused on people exploring different forms of writing as a way of reflecting positively on their own experiences and looking at their emotional journeys. The emphasis is not on grammar but on finding their style, their voice and reflecting on their experiences and strengths.

These workshops have been successful and well received.