Therese Colling Writing

Plays, Poems & People

My writing career began in 1988, giving me 32 years worth of experience, ranging from writing educational video dramas for Catcher Media to working with Portugese theatre company Teatro Regional Da Serra Do Montemuro

Writing for theatre has been an incredible and challenging journey for me, particularly due to my dyslexia. I continue to develop my writing practice and have expanded my skills from writing for theatre to film and TV. 

Over the years I have had 29 of my plays professionally produced, nationally and internationally.  See some of my past writing projects here.

Informative Dramas

One of my writing strengths is my ability to incorporate specific information into stories while keeping them engaging. Increasingly, I find companies commission me because I understand how to balance drama and information to capture  attention and inform the audience in an entertaining and informative way.


During the lockdown, I was commissioned to write several monologues on subject matters such as:  accessing support for loneliness, managing money in a crisis, accessing support for victims of a loan shark and supporting communities with community banking.
I also enjoy writing audition monologues for women of all ages.



Online Workshops

I facilitate online workshops which can focus on different forms of writing as a way of reflecting positively on the participants own experiences and looking at their emotional journeys. The emphasis is not on grammar, but on finding their style, voice and reflecting on their experiences and strengths.
Find out more here.


Past Writing Projects